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Scoring good marks is not a copyright of only a few students. It is an art that can be developed, it is a skill that can be acquired and it is a technique that can be learnt by any student. So, it is very much possible for any student to score good marks in exams and become successful in life. What all is required is your willingness to “

Learn The Process Of Studying

This is a platform to help students to excel in their academics. It is a complete package for students that includes SCORE MORE FOR SURE training, career counseling, academic counseling, behavior counseling together with behavior improvement therapies.

SCORE MORE FOR SURE is a training program that can be attended by any student above class 7th. Thousands of students have already attended this training and have experienced remarkable increase, not only in their marks but also in the level of their confidence & comfort to face the exams. Their interest towards studies has increased and feels themselves committed and dedicated to study and become successful & happy in life.

The techniques covered in this training are so practical that once you start implementing these techniques in your studies, you will be able to study more in less time. That will indirectly help you to save time for regular physical exercise or sports to keep you healthy.

Lot of in-depth analysis has been done before designing this training program.

If you want to excel in your studies, become successful & happy in life, do attend this training program. You may also contact for any counseling or behavior therapies also.

We have various other training programs especially designed for students to help them become successful, healthy and happy in their life. Please visit our website www.conquerthesuccess.com for more details.

Practical Difficulties Faced By Students

  • I know the answers before the exams but in the examination hall I forget. As soon as I come out of the examination hall, I again remember all the answers.

  • I know the subject very well but I lack confidence. Therefore I am not able to score good marks.

  • Only one or two days are available in between the two papers. The syllabus is huge. I am not able to revise the entire syllabus in this little time. Therefore, I am not able to score good marks.

  • I am not able to focus on my studies.

  •  I make good time table to study but not able to follow it.

Leadership & Learning Are Indespensable To Each Other


Dr Pankaj Gupta

  • Regular speaker on TV.

  • Motivational speaker on various forums like FM Firemud, Rotary, NGOs.

  • Keynote speaker on “New Approach to Education System” in Texila American University.

  • Regularly Writing on Success & Happiness in various Hindi & English magazines.

  • Conceptualized & Designed CONQUER THE SUCCESS program to become Successful together with Healthy Body, Sharp Intellect, Positive Emotions, Cordial Relations & life full of happiness, joy & celebration. Similar program is designed for TEENAGERS i.e TURNKEY TO SUCCESS.

  • Conceptualized & Designed a special program for academic excellence SCRORE MORE FOR SURE.

  • Certified Six Sigma Expert.

Dr. Pankaj Gupta is Success & Happiness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Counselor and Behavior Therapist having over 24 years of experience. He has designed over 75 training programs for Corporate, Entrepreneurs, School & College Students, Teachers, Parents and Couples. He has four dimensional experience in the following areas

This four dimensional experience gave an insight that SUCCESS is very expensive, in- fact unaffordable, if it comes at the cost of our health, happiness or family relations. The success should really be complemented with a healthy body, sharp intellect, positive emotions & habits, meditative consciousness and cordial relations with family, friends & co-workers.

To benefit others with his knowledge & experience, Dr. Gupta has designed the programs like Conquer The Success, Turnkey To Success & Score More for Sure.

These programs include trainings, individual counseling & behavior therapies.

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Our Vision

Foster students to excel in their:
Academics so as to continuously move on the path of SUCCESS & HAPPINESS
have cordial relations with PARENTS & FRIENDS.

Our Mission

Help students: Select right path through CAREER COUNSELING, improve marks & academic performance through TRAINING & ACADEMIC COUNSELING, motivation, commitment dedication & perseverance for studies, through BEHAVIOUR COUNSELING & THERAPIES that will take them to the heights of SUCCESS & HAPPINESS.

Learn The Process Of Studying

Score More For Sure Training

“SCORING MARKS” is the result of “Studying Well.” Therefore if you improve your studying skills; marks will automatically improve. SCORE MORE FOR SURE is a 2 to 3 hours training program designed for this purpose.

We can break down the entire process of studying into various important stages like understanding the new concepts, learning, remembering, revising, doing final revision and writing in the examination hall. Each of these stages takes place in our mind and our mind works differently in all these stages.

This training covers various practical techniques of each and every stage of studying. These techniques are designed in line with the functioning of mind. Therefore, you will be able to study more in comparatively lesser time, your retention power will improve, you will be able to revise fast and last but not the lease, you will be able to finish your final revision 12 hours before the exams.

This training also helps you to improve your confidence and get rid of any negative emotions like examination phobia etc.

Once you study in line with these techniques, you will see a phenomenal increase in your marks.

Counselling & Behaviour Therapies

Career Counselling

Every career is the right career provided it is in line with your personality, interests, values, abilities and skills. Once you choose the right career, then SUCCESS is not far away.

Our career counsellors help you to scientifically evaluate your personality, interest, values, abilities & skills and help you to select a career which is “The Best” for you.

Academic Counselling

After selecting the “Right Career”, the next  aspect is to build your interest in studies, feel confident and enhance your overall academic performance and become successful in your life . Our academic counselling team will to help you to get rid of any bottlenecks you might face in the part of your success, like examination phobia, lack of confidence, not able to concentrate on studies, forgetfulness and many more.

Parents Counselling

To make your child successful, your role as a parent is very crucial and important. Child has different needs at different age groups. These needs change with a periodicity of few months to few years. The parenting style should adapt to these changing needs of the children. Our counsellors will help you improve your relations with your children by explaining you the right parenting techniques.

Behaviour Counselling & Therapy

The last step towards success is to MOVE on the path of SUCCESS with full motivation, perseverance and commitment.

If you are lacking the motivation, perseverance or commitment, contact for behaviour counselling & therapy sessions. Our counsellors & therapists will help you to get rid of any of the bottlenecks like

  • Addiction to mobile, television or video games.

  • Conflict with parents, teachers, siblings or friends.

  • Lack of time management, procrastination etc.

  • Stress, Anxiety or Depression.

  • Any type of fear like fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of unknown etc.

  • Drug Abuse – Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol etc.

  • Trauma due to physical abuse, sexual abuse, accident or due to any other painful memory.

  • Get rid of any bad habit.



Who Can Contact Us


  • To learn the techniques to score more marks.
  • Develop interest in studies.
  • Improve confidence, time management, memory and focus on studies.
  • Get rid of examination phobia.


  • To help their children learn the techniques to score more marks.
  • Improve the behavior of child.
  • To help their children to get rid of addictions, fears, examination phobia etc.
  • To help their children to develop interest in studies, increase confidence & academic performance.


  • To conduct SCORE MORE FOR SURE training for their students of class 8th to 12th.
  • For Career Counseling.
  • For child behavior counseling.
  • For Behavior therapy sessions.


  • To conduct SCORE MORE FOR SURE training for their students.
  • For Career Counseling.
  • For child behavior counseling.
  • For Behavior therapy sessions.


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